Calle Jovellanos, 10
33206 – Gijón

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Calle de Serrano, 17 Izq.
28001 – Madrid

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Our essence is to make the home your source of regeneration. Helping you to enjoy good health during all stages of your life. Allowing you to reach your best physical and mental version.

Our Vision

To be world leaders in the construction of healthy homes.

Our Mission

To create homes that act as a regenerative source for people in each of the stages of their lives. Through neuroarchitecture and the most advanced technology we create spaces that stimulate the 5 senses, working our body and mind in the right way. This will allow us to reach our best physical and mental version, based on our happiness and well-being.

Our Promise

We transform people’s lives by enabling them to achieve their best version of themselves. Working actively and passively in the environment in which they live, we promote physical and mental well-being, which will provide them with greater happiness and capacity for personal self-realization.

Our Values

At El Sol Home, excellence is more than a goal; it is a commitment ingrained in every action and service we provide. We constantly strive to exceed expectations, providing exceptional care and attention to each resident.


Our History

El Sol Home is based on the sensitivity that the Pastrana family has always shown towards the creation of homes that regenerate body and mind. Something that goes far beyond the common concept of housing. During their real estate trajectory as a family business, they always focused on creating homes where people could have a place of refuge, self-care and well-being.

After living the experience of living in a home with these characteristics and feeling the benefits it provides, they decided to create the concept of El Sol Home. In order to help all people who want to achieve their best version favoring the welfare of body and mind through the environment in which they live.

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