Calle Jovellanos, 10
33206 – Gijón

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Calle de Serrano, 17 Izq.
28001 – Madrid

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El Viso de Cabueñes

Neuroarchitecture at the service of your well-being

  • Relax
    • We promote visual calm
    • Permanent ventilation of the rooms
    • High-transmittance exterior glazing
    • Incorporation of plant and natural elements
    • Filtering of exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • Natural Light
    • Maximum use of sunlight
    • Synchronization with circadian cycle
    • Melatonin and cortisol regulation
    • Sleep cycle stabilization
  • Silence
    • Highly soundproofing acoustic insulation
    • Absorbent materials
    • Reduced reverberation
    • Sealing of interior ducts and joints
    • Noise-minimizing distributions
  • Pure air
    • Purifiers active pure technology
    • Photocatalytic paint
    • Environmental humidity regulators
  • Confort
    • Body temperature regulation
    • Use of natural materials
    • Stimulation of the senses with natural materials
    • Sense of respect for the environment
    • Minimization of toxic and synthetic chemicals
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A relaxing space located in the Cabueñes neighbourhood, where you can enjoy exclusive comfort.

A unique wellness corner

One of our latest and most ambitious projects is this spectacular new development in Viso de Cabueñes. 73 modern plots of 800 m² each and will be located in one of the best areas of the city, next to the Laboral University, the Technology Park and close to the city centre. It will also have private security for the residents’ peace of mind.

Dwellings with natural light

The south orientation and a design based on neuroarchitecture manage to bathe these homes in natural light that helps to regulate the circadian cycle and improve the rest of those who live there.

Healthy Homes

Thanks to the selected materials we maintain a high indoor air quality creating not only cosy, but also healthy homes.




  • Price From 132.000 €
  • Surface 250 m²


  • Surface 140-183 m²
  • Bedrooms 3-4
  • Bathrooms 2-3
  • Terrace
  • Garage
  • Storage room No



Aldea Cefontes
33203 – Gijón
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