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Calle Jovellanos, 10
33206 – Gijón

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Calle de Serrano, 17 Izq.
28001 – Madrid

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The Greatest Comfort

We provide well-being and comfort while maintaining energy efficiency through the implementation of sustainable practices and state-of-the-art technology.

Sustainability and well-being at the lowest cost

Energy efficiency is key to reducing costs without renouncing our habits at home. By integrating different technologies we can optimise resources while maintaining our well-being.

The control of your home at the click of a button

Smart Sol Home

The Smart Sol Home automation pack allows you to have total control of your home from your mobile phone. And most importantly, in a simple, clear and effective way.

Usability adapted to all digital customer profiles.

o Heating thermostat

Surveillance and alarm system

Video intercom

Intelligent mailbox for 24h parcels delivery

Flood and fire sensors

Control of lights and blinds

In addition, in chalets and villas you will also have control over the performance of the solar panels with the percentage of self-consumption and the discharge to the general network, control of the pool temperature and automatic irrigation.

El Sol Service

A channel of communication and customer assistance for any type of incident and necessary repairs. Peace of mind, security and trust are a priority in our service.

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