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Rest and Relax

We create spaces that improve the quality of sleep and promote rest as a fundamental pillar of good health.

Benefits of rest for our health

Adequate rest provides a significant improvement in our mood and memory, increases concentration, productivity and stimulates creativity.

Sleep revitalizes our body at the cellular, hormonal and cardiovascular levels, strengthening the immune system and decreasing blood pressure and inflammation in the body.

Efficient rest/rest for extended periods of time has been associated with physical fitness and emotional well-being.

Pure Air
Optimum illumination
Natural Materials

The importance of a healthy home for a good night’s sleep

The built environment exerts a crucial influence on people’s health, surpassing even genetics and habits. In addition, the space around us and environmental factors are determinants for the duration and structure of sleep. This is why it is essential to reconsider our homes to improve our sleep.

Based on the methodology developed by the International Well Building Institute and with the fundamental purpose of promoting the well-being of people, our homes are designed to transform the home into a space that not only welcomes, but also promotes balance, both physical and mental, of those who live there.

“People living in large cities spend 80% to 90% of their time indoors chronically exposed to their indoor environment.”

EPA United States Enviromental Protection Agency, 2019

Respecting our circadian cycle

We have a biological clock, called the circadian cycle. Our body regulates itself according to the light it receives through the various sensory organs. Exposure to natural light helps us to regulate our circadian cycle, contributes to the production of vitamin D and helps us to maintain our sleep rhythm.

The Circadian Cycle is the factor most directly related to the quality of our rest and a determining aspect of our mood.

White light or cold light, especially light with higher blue spectrum content, acts as a suppressor of melatonin secretion. This hormone, produced mainly at night in response to darkness, plays a key role in maintaining circadian rhythms and acts as a protector against oxidative damage to our DNA.

“The management of light, humidity conditions, air quality or noise in indoor spaces dedicated to rest are directly related to alterations in the patterns of restful sleep.”

World Health Organitation Regional Office for Europe European Centre, 2004
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