Calle Jovellanos, 10
33206 – Gijón

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Calle de Serrano, 17 Izq.
28001 – Madrid

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Perceive and Feel

By integrating natural elements, we achieve pleasant and cozy environments that generate a sense of calm.

We create natural environments

Surrounding ourselves with an environment that includes materials of high natural composition has multiple benefits for our health and well-being.

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Advantages of vegetation

We incorporate vegetation in common areas not only to enhance the aesthetics of the environment, but also to promote visual relaxation and improve mood. In addition, vegetation functions as a thermal insulator, improves air quality and acts as a natural sound absorber, thus reducing noise levels in the environment and pollution.

Benefits of proper temperature regulation in our environment

We seek to stimulate, in a healthy way, our thermoreceptors, specialized cells of the nervous system that detect and respond to changes in environmental or body temperature.

Reduction of electromagnetic pollution

Nowadays, we are more exposed than ever to electromagnetic fields due to the use of mobile devices and, although there is still no clear evidence on the possible negative effects on health, caution is recommended.

Electromagnetic pollution modifies our natural cell polarity and thus the optimal functioning of the organism, favoring the development of pre-existing diseases.

Therefore, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on energy efficiency in buildings recommends the application of the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle with the objective of minimizing exposure to ionizing radiation as much as reasonably achievable.

It is important to highlight that we have followed the recommendations to protect the electric and magnetic fields of all electrical installations and household appliances, by locating these elements at a sufficient distance and designing the electrical wiring without loops.

In addition, it is possible to install filters that reduce electromagnetic pollution.

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They have the option of incorporating electromagnetic filters designed to eliminate artificial polarization in electromagnetic waves. This advance is based on recent discoveries in materials science and the natural properties of certain materials and particles. In short, these natural elements have magnetic properties that help filter and eliminate environmental interference.

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