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Illuminate your Balance

The study of natural lighting in our homes helps regulate the body’s circadian cycles, improving mood, concentration and productivity.

The influence of natural light on our health

Natural light can have different color temperatures depending on the time of day. During the morning, a high blue component prevails, which inhibits melatonin and promotes cortisol activity.

In this way, it increases people’s attention span, their ability to concentrate and productivity, and their general sense of well-being.

As the day progresses, the color of the light acquires a warmer tone, these effects are reversed, allowing relaxation in the evening hours and preparing us for the sleep phase.

During the day we improve health by enhancing natural light

We design our homes based on neuroarchitecture, an interdisciplinary field that helps us understand how physical spaces can influence perception, brain activity and behavior, and people’s overall well-being/quality of life.

From there, we analyze the orientation to make the best use of solar radiation and create a distribution of homes that favors adaptation to our circadian cycle.

In order to enhance the integration of natural light and, at the same time, improve visual comfort when contemplating the exterior environment, we selected glasses with a high light transmittance factor, exceeding 40% (VLT >40%). These glasses comply with the standards of the Technical Building Code and offer optimum acoustic attenuation, as well as a high quality of color reproduction.

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At night, we improve health through broad-spectrum lighting.

We imitate natural light with the installation of broad-spectrum LED lights. These lights, in addition to being known for their energy efficiency and long life, have numerous positive effects on our health.

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