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Enjoy the Silence

Our designs incorporate measures that favor acoustic protection, thanks to the insulation systems and the configuration of its spaces.

Noise pollution

Noise pollution, according to the WHO, is one of the main environmental factors causing the most health problems. This is especially relevant indoors, where ambient noise can have a direct impact on people’s rest, concentration and performance.

How do we avoid noise pollution?

In our new housing designs, we implement specific measures to reduce reverberation time in enclosed spaces. These measures include the incorporation of acoustic absorption panels, the correct sealing of interior walls and the application of strategies such as staggered joints.

Rest areas require particularly stringent noise protection requirements, taking into account several points discussed below:

Your rest is important to us

Environmental noises provoke small awakenings in our brain, generating a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion.

Minimizing noise in bedrooms is crucial to optimize the quality of rest and preserve the natural sleep cycles, in which we experience a physical and mental regeneration essential for our well-being.

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