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Circadian Lighting and its Benefits

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People-centred lighting seeks to encourage the effects of light on human health and how lighting can be a more widespread and applied element of wellbeing.

More and more scientific and medical studies are linking exposure to light with the alteration of circadian rhythms, energy or exposure to certain diseases, both physical and mental. Do you want to know more about circadian lighting? Lighting Adapted to Biorhythm

We spend 90% of our daily lives exposed to artificial light and indoors. Natural light is key to both our physical and cerebral well-being, as light is one of the main elements that influences the secretion of melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for regulating wake-sleep cycles.

Melatonin production can be attenuated or activated by the type of light, which has an impact on sleep-wake cycles. At this point, the concept of circadian rhythm that defines changes in mental, behavioural and physical states becomes important, with light being one of the main factors that triggers this process.

What is Circadian Illumination?

A circadian lighting design starts with wake-up activation and then creates a state of alertness in the early hours of the day to stimulate concentration on daily tasks. As the day progresses, it should encourage relaxation and, finally, rest. From this we can deduce that by using different colour temperatures and different light spectrums throughout the day, we will have a concrete impact on the physical and emotional states of the subjects. These will favour natural cycles even in artificially lit spaces.

Circadian lighting can also help to restore disturbed biorhythms such as in the case of jet lag or when users have had their natural sleep cycle disturbed by night work etc.

Dynamic lighting is the best strategy for adapting to the circadian rhythms of users. Thanks to the flexibility it provides, it is possible to vary intensities, colour temperatures and even select the most suitable spectral configuration to achieve the optimum effect for each moment and function, as is the case with multispectral lighting.


Circadian Lighting in your Home

If we transfer this idea of circadian lighting to the prototype of a home that enhances our well-being, we can implement changes that bring great benefits, in relation to the temperature or the intensity of light and its variation, depending on the activity to be carried out.

For all these reasons, the use of LED lighting as if it were natural lighting is key to well-being and health, the regulation of the biological clock or the promotion of sustainability.

Mainly, dimmable LED lighting allows control and dimming that makes artificial light behave like natural light, varying in intensity, composition or duration, favouring the biodynamic regulation to which the human being responds unconsciously.

beneficios luz circadiana

SOL HOME has developed its housing prototype incorporating constructive solutions and materials that enhance our well-being, savings and connectivity. The LED technology used is based on a spectral distribution more similar to the spectrum of natural light than standard LED technology.

We have reduced harmful blue light emissions (emission in the 450 nm wavelength) in the lighting to eliminate fatigue, visual stress and the early onset of macular degeneration or other eye diseases, and on the other hand, we have increased the optimal blue light emissions for circadian stimulation (480 nm).

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